Former Player: '#WeAreUnited' Pac-12 Football Boycott Lacks Common Sense

Former Player: '#WeAreUnited' Pac-12 Football Boycott Lacks Common Sense
Rudy Carpenter: “Ultimately you can have whatever stance you have, and you can have demands, but it comes down to leverage… Players have to understand their leverage right now, and their leverage is coming together as a group and then following through with their ‘threats’ to boycott the season. I’ve talked to 8 or 9 teams at a deep and serious level and I think that you have big numbers – 50, 60, 70 guys on a team that really support the ‘#WeAreUnited’ initiative, but I don’t think there is much support at all for actually sitting out games… As of today, I don’t think the players have actually sent these demands to the universities and to the commissioner’s office, I still think that it’s just floating out there in space… There is some low hanging fruit for these players to create some change, but I just think their messaging and their tactics are really bad… These college kids are smart, they’re intelligent, their well-versed, and have access to a lot of information, but they have one fatal flaw. They think social media is real, and they don’t understand that at some point in time dollars matter, numbers matter, being realistic matters, and being rational matters, and on Twitter there is just not a lot of that. Twitter and social media doesn’t provide us with nuance, and this is a very nuanced situation… As much as I’m for players unionizing, being represented, and getting a bigger piece of the pie, the big issue with paying players is Title IX. I don’t think that people really understand that last year the Pac-12 as a conference took a $12 million loss. There are players in the Pac-12 that think that conference as a whole is printing money, as we know they have a lot of suits that are making a lot of money for no reason. They’re not making money as a conference. They have a terrible TV deal, and they’re paying the LA Times to write positive stories about them. This is not the same conference that the SEC is and the money is different. When you have to pay, not just football players, but all the other sports that we all know are not revenue generating sports, it makes it a very different math equation.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to former NFL and Arizona State quarterback Rudy Carpenter join The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker to discuss the ongoing ‘#WeAreUnited’ saga that has a group of anonymous Pac-12 football players threatening to boycott the season if a list of demands they’ve drawn up are not met.

Carpenter, a Sirius XM Radio host, has been covering the story all week, and tells Broussard and Parker that although there is wide support for the actual movement among the players, he says there isn’t much backing towards players potentially sitting out games.

Check out the revealing interview above as Carpenter details why the players’ demands, although audacious, are completely irrational and unrealistic in terms of their feasibility.

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