Kevin Durant Calls Out Chris Broussard on Twitter


Listen to Chris Broussard discuss Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant calling him out on Twitter Monday after Chris had made a point about his two rings in Golden State possibly being branded with an *ASTERISK* should the Warriors win this year’s NBA Finals without him, and how it would be a major 'nightmare' for KD if the team continues steamrolling the rest of the league in his absence.

A lot has been debated the past couple weeks about KD’s true value to the Warriors, as the team has taken off the past week and half WITHOUT him, winning on the road in Houston to close out their second round series vs. the Rockets, and then sweeping the third-seeded Blazers. Many are wondering if the team is actually BETTER with him on the sidelines.

Check out the audio below as Chris talks about the reply that went viral and the idea of athletes calling out members of the media on social platforms.

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker


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