Kevin Durant's Worst Nightmare is Coming True

Listen to Chris Broussard and Jonas Knox dissect the historical ramifications Kevin Durant may face if his Golden State Warriors teammates continue lap the competition without the future Hall of Famer's services.

The Warriors have won four consecutive playoff games without Durant in the lineup from a calf injury he suffered in Game 5 of their series vs. the Rockets, extending their overall record without KD to 32-4. Broussard is worried with how Durant’s legacy will be perceived not only in the eyes of NBA fans, but more importantly, players WITHIN the league.

Chris says players across the NBA he has talked to have already said they’ve put an *ASTERISK* next to the two NBA Championships he won with a 73-9 Warriors team he teamed up with in 2016, so imagine what the storyline is going to become if the Warriors win another NBA Finals WITHOUT him?

Check out the full audio below as both Broussard and Jonas Knox are concerned about the impending narrative that could soon be cemented.

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker


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