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Why Colin Cowherd Isn't Buying Into the Cowboys Just Yet

Colin Cowherd: “The Cowboys defense is a real thing, it’s just going to overwhelm a lot of opposing quarterbacks. Daniel Jones, Zach Wilson, Sam Howell, Mac Jones, and Josh Dobbs just aren’t going to stand a chance. They’re gonna get knocked out and suffocated. I always call this the ‘Mike Tyson’ quality where Mike Tyson just knocked out bad fighters fast. But you couldn’t judge Tyson’s career just on that, that was a component to it. When he fought an Evander Holyfield or a Lennox Lewis, intelligent fighters who stayed away, that’s where Mike Tyson struggled. Dallas is going to roll most of these teams with their defense, just look at the schedule. But judge them vs. talented boxers who can fight back—at San Francisco, at Philadelphia, at Justin Herbert. What’s going to happen when they don’t jump out to a lead, when they have to play from behind, when the other quarterback can escape the pocket and make plays? Last year Dallas was the same thing, they won a game 40-3 and 54-19, but yet they lost to Brady, Trevor Lawrence, Jalen Hurts, and Aaron Rodgers, and only beat Burrow when he wasn’t physically right. Tyson always knocked out tomato cans, but what happens when the game is tight and it’s Josh Allen, Tua, Justin Herbert, San Francisco, or Jalen Hurts and you can’t just drop 30?” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s not fully buying into the 2-0 Cowboys just yet, saying Dallas made a habit of beating up on ‘tomato cans’ last season as well before ultimately coming up short when it came to playing elite quarterbacks.  

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