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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the NFL's Top 10 Teams Before Week 1

Watch Colin Cowherd release his final ‘Herd Hierarchy’ of the preseason, as Colin counts down his rankings of the top ten teams heading into Week 1. 

10. Baltimore Ravens: “They average 28 points when Lamar Jackson plays and he’s got the best weapons of his career.” 
9. Los Angeles Chargers: “You have to be honest—Keenan Allen and Mike Williams missed 11 games combined last year, that’s why they drafted a receiver, and they’re getting older not younger. That’s what I worry about, can they keep their talent healthy on the offensive side?” 
8. Dallas Cowboys: “I think the loss of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is substantial.” 
7. Miami Dolphins: “They didn’t draft the offensive line with a small quarterback who can’t get hit.” 
6. Jacksonville Jaguars: “They return 20 of 22 starters from last year, that’s tied for the most in the NFL.” 
5. Buffalo Bills: “I love their roster but I wish they had someone else to depend on beyond Stefon Diggs, and Von Miller does not play early—that concerns me.” 
4. San Francisco 49ers: “It was a noisy off-season at quarterback, and the Nick Bosa holdout is a concern.” 
3. Philadelphia Eagles: “Shane Steichen, a brilliant offensive coordinator, leaves, and they face much better quarterbacks this year.” 
2. Kansas City Chiefs: “No Chris Jones concerns me. They’ve got some talent on the defensive side but it is incredibly young.” 
1. Cincinnati Bengals: “They’ve been this good with a bad o-line and they keep adding pieces there.” 

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