Michael Vick: Doug Pederson's Benching of Jalen Hurts Cost Him His Job

Colin Cowherd: “I didn’t like pulling Jalen Hurts. I thought it was a big mistake, and I think when you have a young quarterback you’re just trying to give him these ‘moments’ where they can build confidence. This was a 'moment' for Jalen Hurts to win a football game. It was a great moment, and I think Doug butchered it. Do you think that potentially led to his firing?”

Michael Vick: “No doubt, without question. Everything in the end down the stretch was sort of mismanaged by Doug, and it started when he first put Jalen Hurts on the field. Was it a need to put Jalen out there? I don’t know. Was it out of desperation? Who knows, but I just felt like a lot of things were mismanaged. That was a game of significance for the Philadelphia Eagles. One, to get a look at Jalen Hurts, and two, to close the season out in style. He pulled Jalen -- we were all excited about Jalen, we talked him up, and we wanted to see him finish and play against a decent football team in the Washington Football Team. For him to do that took the air out of the building." (Full segment above)

Listen to former Pro Bowl quarterback and Fox NFL analyst Michael Vick explain to Colin Cowherd why he thinks the Jalen Hurts/Doug Pederson fallout from Hurts’ controversial benching during their Week 17 game against the Washington Football Team was ultimately the final nail in Pederson’s coffin in Philadelphia.

Pederson won a Super Bowl with the Eagles in February of 2018, but was ousted not even three years later after going 22-25 the next three seasons, and topped off by Pederson losing control of his team and quarterback situation during a 4-11-1 nightmare year in 2020.

Check out the video above as Vick details why he believes Pederson’s bizarre decision to remove Hurts in favor of anonymous third-stringer Nate Sudfield, was a big reason why he’s no longer employed.

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