The Pros and Cons of Zion Williamson Signing in New Orleans

Listen to Doug Gottlieb weigh the pros and cons of Zion Williamson eventually choosing a crossroads that could be heading to New Orleans or one that could unprecedentedly go the trekking route of an Eli Manning, John Elway, or Eric Lindros.

Doug says that small market New Orleans presents its obvious difficulties being the 50th largest media market in the United States but says stars like Russell Westbrook found a career in a city like Oklahoma City and we ALL know what LeBron James did with his native Cleveland.

Check out the audio below as Doug says for all the characteristics that we have loved and expected from Zion Williamson during his short basketball career, aka the ‘I love basketball and will stop at nothing to win with my teammates’ persona, it might be very OFFBRAND for him to refuse signing.

The Doug Gottlieb Show


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