Do the Rams Have a Way out of Their Todd Gurley Contract Mess?

Do the Rams Have a Way out of Their Todd Gurley Contract Mess?

Clay Travis is reacting to the story out of Los Angeles involving the Rams and running back Todd Gurley, as their salary cap situation is turning into a real problem. Todd Gurley is a running back who had great success in 2017 and 2018, but nagging injuries and lack of use in the offense really set Gurley back last season. The Rams gave him a huge contract extension in the summer of 2018 that is about to cost the franchise a ton of money.

Gurley is due a $7.5 million roster bonus in a little over a month. Could the Rams just cut him? Well, if the Rams do that, Gurley would still count for $25.6 million in dead money!

The Rams are in a really tough spot here, and this situation is just another example in the NFL of the depreciating value at the running back position. Todd Gurley, Le'Veon Bell and David Johnson are just a few of the running backs who've received massive contracts that have not panned out relative to the huge deposit into their bank accounts.

LA could try and trade Todd Gurley, but are there any teams that would consider taking on such an enormous deal for a guy that had a significant drop in his production last season? Clay discusses that with the Outkick crew.

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