Michael Avenatti Says Nike Has Been Paying Hundreds of NCAA Superstars

Listen to notable attorney and legal commentator Michael Avenatti join Outkick The Coverage to talk about the underground ‘Arms Race’ going on at nearly every major university when it pertains to the sport of college basketball that watches entire seasons come down to where a select view individuals decide to play at.

Avenatti has been intertwined with one of the largest apparel companies in the world, Nike, the last few months as the defense lawyer made famous for his opposition to Donald Trump, has suddenly emerged as an outspoken critic of the athletic wear leviathan as he’s representing a former AAU coach turned Nike whistleblower that is ready to blow the top off Nike’s illegal and clandestine stranglehold of college basketball.

During the interview with Clay Travis, Avenatti tries to pull the rug out from under Nike with the rampant dropping of bombshell allegations that Avenatti has plenty of documentation to back up. Avenatti also talks about how only a fool would believe that Zion Williamson went to Duke simply because he loved the campus and playing for Coach K, and that Zion and his family were indeed compensated while he was a member of the Blue Devils basketball team.

Check out the full scathing interview below as Avenatti says this isn’t about catching kids red-handed who were paid to play basketball, as Avenatti thinks these star athletes should be receiving full LEGAL compensation, but rather it’s about Nike playing ‘GOD’ in college hoops and determining which programs succeed and which don’t by funneling massive amounts of money into their favorite school of choice sponsored by Nike. And the worst part? The player and their family is at the most risk, Avenatti says.

(Clay and Avenatti talk Zion Williamson at 10:05)

Michael Avenatti Says Top Nike Executives Played the Federal Government
Michael Avenatti Says Top Nike Executives Played the Federal Government
In this explosive interview, Michael Avenatti told Clay Travis that Nike's payments to college basketball players are in the tens of millions.
Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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