So the Capitals have now won 5 in a row and the two most recent wins were against two of the top five goal scoring teams in the league.  The Caps defense has stepped up and kept their opponents to low scoring games.  The first shout-out is going to…

· The Whole Team – Yeah.  Everyone gets a shout-out cause this team is on fire right now.  Most of the players are putting up crazy stats and they are playing well together as a whole team.  It would take me forever to list each player individually cause they’ve all been playing well recently.  So yeah, here’s a shout-out to all of them.

Here are some of the players who deserve recognition:

· Ovechkin – It’s sooo nice seeing him play like the Ovie we know and love.  He now has 21 goals and 34 points in the past 24 games.  He also scored before Stamkos last night, giving him a brief moment as the NHL goal-scoring leader.  Unfortunately, Stammy ended up scoring, but they are still tied at the top, now with 26 goals each.  Ovechkin also led the Caps with, wait for it...8 hits.  I’d obviously like to see more, but hey, it’s the magic number.

· Backstrom – getting another shout-out.  He’s currently 3rd in the league in assists with 36.

· Hillen – Continuing to be a huge asset to the Caps.  Despite having his first goal “taken away” from him last night, he then managed to score one without controversy to give him his first goal as a Cap. He has a goal and 4 points in the last two games. Rock out.

· Oleksy – Cause I still love him and I think playing him with Hillen was an awesome idea.

· Neuvirth – I forgot to give him a shout-out after the Lightning game, but he definitely gets one after last night.  He played his butt off and made some awesome stops, holding the Canadiens to only 2 goals and stopping 27 shots.  Neuvy has now won 2 consecutive starts for the first time in over a year. Woop, the Caps now have two hot goalies.

· Weapons – With the switch to play Oleksy and Hillen together, Erskine and Carlson are now
matched together. They each blocked 7 shots last night and the team as a whole blocked a total of 34 shots last night. Awesome.  Looks like Oatesy’s plan for an offensive minded team is also working out quite well for the defense.

Oh and cheers to Fehr.  They finally figured out that he was the one who scored that second goal.  And Fehr is just awesome and everyone should love him anyway.  My uncle and cousin met him and said he was a great guy so keep cheering him on.

Click here for more numbers from last night’s game.

So there’s a quick recap.  I could write an article on each player as an individual, but I don’t want to jinx this. The Caps play at home tomorrow at 7:00 against the ‘Canes, so try to get out to the Phone Booth if you can! Rock the Red.

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Check back here on Friday for my recap of the 5-2 Nats after they take on the White Sox in D.C. I’ll be attending the game on Thursday so there will definitely be some great pictures!