You’d be hard pressed to find a Skins fan who doesn’t like Chris Cooley.  Since he joined the Skins in the third round of the 2004 draft, Cooley has more than succeeded as a Redskin…and will retire as one.  He is one of the few NFL players to play their entire career with one team, and more importantly, he ONLY wanted to be a Redskin.  Cooley told the press that if he played in this upcoming season he would only do so in the Burgundy and Gold.  Of course, it’s easy to play on a team whose fans love you. But the reasons we love Cooley go beyond his exceptional play on the field (2 time Pro Bowler, most receptions by a tight end in the franchise etc...).  We love Cooley because he loves us.  Captain Chaos created a website, The Cooley Zone, where he posted personal stories about his life.  He allowed the fans to get to know him as a person, not just a player.  He posted about his road trips, his passion for pottery (which seemed a little random at first, but is something else in which he has found success), random facts, and we even got a look at one of his…well, more “personal” attributes ( for which he later profusely apologized).

I met Cooley twice during his time as a player.  Both times he was incredibly nice.  I know the players are supposed to be friendly to their fans during meet and greets, but Cooley is by far one of the nicest players I have met. The first time I met him was with my friend Casey at White Flint Mall.  We got there ridiculously early and ended up the first people in line to meet him …which actually isn't very surprising if you know us.  We were star struck. Cooley is pretty easy on the eyes and henceforth, pretty popular with the ladies, even those who don’t really follow football.  He greeted us, chatted with us about the team and how much he loves the Skins, signed a photo, and then took an awesome picture with us.

I met Cooley again after a Skins' game (one in which they dominated the Cowboys), with Casey and our friend Haley, and Cooley was just as awesome then.  He signed my Redskins hoodie and signed their jerseys.  Basically Cooley is just a fun guy to meet and chat with and you can definitely tell how much he loves the Skins...and his fans.  

I'm so ecstatic he is staying with the Redskin Organization.  He belongs here.

Oh.  And last, but definitely not least, here is one of the greatest videos of all time: The Great Ram Hunt of 2008:

Stay tuned for Part II on #47 which will have pictures and quotes from other fans! If you have something awesome to say about Cooley, let me know and I’ll put it in the next article J