Last night I interviewed Tkextremeskins (twitter) and JsteelznSkins (twitter) about the Redskins’ offseason and the upcoming 2013 season.  Check it out!


ME: All right, let’s talk about RGIII, is he gonna be back for game one?

TK: It’s too early to tell.  Anybody who tells you that right now is an idiot. 

J: They’ll get a better idea at camp.

TK: He may think his body is ready to go…it’s just too early to tell.


ME: How about our tight end situation, who’s going to be starting there?

J: Fred Davis as long as he’s back. It’s Fred’s job to lose.

ME: So not Paulsen?

J: Paulsen is a solid second, but not a starter.


ME: What about Trent Williams?

TK: Well, you can hit him over the head with a champagne bottle and he won’t go down.

J: Trent’s taking on a leading role, he wants to get paid.


ME: Who is the best pick-up we’ve had this free agency?

TK: D. Hall

J: If I gotta give an offseason nod to anybody, it’d be to Bruce Allen, the GM.  You get hit with an 18 million dollar cap hit…he just did a fantastic job with all of that.


ME: Who do you think was the worst move or do you think there were any bad moves? I mean we’re no longer the “Offseason Champs” in a bad way…

J: I’m not wild about Wilson…he wasn’t a FA signer this year, but if we let anyone go [in order]
to upgrade the position…We have a ton of cap space for next year.  We can go out and rebuild it [the secondary] the way they want it.  They would have let him go next year anyway.”


ME: What about Biggers?

J: He’s a boom or bust.

ME: So can we call Biggers “Boom or Bust Biggers?”

TK: That’s a J thing.


ME: Let’s talk about Darryl Tapp.  You excited about that? Cause I am. Hokies.

TK: He’ll be a special teamer.  Replacement for ‘Zo [Lorenzo Alexander]. May rotate in as linebacker.

JSteelz: I like Tapp, but I can’t get past the Eagles thing.


ME: Okay, well how do you think we’ll do against the NFCEast?

TK: Open season in Philly, probably Sunday or Monday…my entire problem with Chip Kelly is you don’t know what to expect and you may or may not have your franchise QB. A division game basically counts as two wins or two losses when it comes down the homestretch to the playoffs.  Not a good game to open with at all…Revamped

Philly: new coach, new offense, new defense—you saw what we did in New Orleans last year when no one had tape on us.

(Update as of 8:30pm 4/18/13: The Skins are opening at FedEx against Philly on Monday, September 9th)


ME: Do you think our team, looking at them on paper, will be good enough to make the playoffs right now?

JSteelz: If everybody’s healthy they should be good to go.  Keep the defense healthy, mainly the secondary and pass rush, and keep Garcon in 16 games.



ME: Let’s talk about Romo, let’s talk about his new deal.  Have anything to say about that?

TK: @!^%*#$ awesome …there’s no way he’ll finish out those 6 years.

JSteelz: Best move for us.


ME: Do you want to say anything about the Draft Day Party coming up?

TK: It’s next Saturday [April 27th at FedEx Field] 6:00am-6:00pm.  And don’t be the fool that shows up with just a bag of chips.


ME: Gas or Charcoal? Gotta ask that.

JSteelz: Charcoal for sure.

TK: Charcoal…only other acceptable answer is wood.


ME: Oh, and is RGIII gonna be there on Saturday?

TK: RGIII will be there…can’t say if you’ll definitely get an autograph or not,
though.Looks like things are lookin up for the Skins. 142 days til Redskins football is back!


TK and J co-host a Redskins podcast called HTTR 24/7 (twitter link here). TK is also the senior moderator of the Official Redskins Message Board