WOOOO DIVISION CHAMPS.  And the haters can shut their mouths about the SE Division sucking…cause someone had to win it.  And if you’re actually a hockey fan and you know anything about hockey, you’ll recognize the magnificent hockey the Caps have been playing lately.

It’s been a rough season.  Well, until recently anyway.  The Caps started off their season with 2 wins in 13 games, but since March 21st (when they were in 14th place) they’ve gone 14-2-1.  The whole team has been playing lights out and last night’s game highlighted that.  17 of the 18 Caps that skated had a shot on goal; only Johanssan didn’t have one (but it’s okay, MoJo, we still love you).    Here are some quick shout-outs

  • Erskine- the first shout out goes to Weapons for playing goalie.  He made two incredible saves in the net to prevent the Jets from scoring.  He also led the Caps in blocked shots.
  • Ovi – 31 goals. Leading the league. That’s what’s ups. Oh and he will probably surpass Crosby for points in the league (Ovi is currently at 53).  He’s fourth in the league right now, but let’s be serious…I’ll take just being above Sidney.
  • Chimera – FINALLY. And staying in the crease and whacking in the puck is what you gotta do. Follow through.
  • Matty P – It’s good to see the third liners score. His pass to Chimera from behind the net was awesome.
  • Hendricks – Cause he’s a badass and his goal was awesome.  I’m a huge fan.
  • Fehr- Had a couple missed shots, but he played well. And he was plus 2 in the game and now has a season plus 14. And he’s awesome, too…so awesome that the Caps just resigned him for two more years.
  • Backstrom – because Nicky is awesome and we all love seeing him score on a pass from Ovi.  He’s third in the NHL in assists with 40.

For more stats, recaps, and info check out: http://dumpnchase.monumentalnetwork.com/postgame-notebook-caps-5-jets-3/index.jsp and http://capitals.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=667384&navid=DL|WSH|home


Keep on Rockin the Red! Success is great in the regular season, but now it’s time to finally bring home Lord Stanley.